The Right Honorable Andrew Mitchell MP

The Right Honorable Andrew Mitchell MP



Izabela Okonska is a portrait artist who delivers visually striking art, capturing her subject’s mood and character.

Originally from Poland, she has honed her skills whilst working in the art trade in the Midlands. Izabela produces carefully crafted elegant works and has painted portraits for a number of influential Midlands figures including The Right Honorable Andrew Mitchell MP.



Mrs Debbie Topman, Acme Whistles

A portrait, so much more than a photograph, tells a story which endures – a lasting legacy and a joy to possess.  If you are interested in a portrait for yourself, your family, or a friend then please send us an enquiry using the Contact page.

Mr Simon Topman MBE, Chief Executive of J. Hudson (Acme Specialist Whistles)


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