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Andy Beech – Latest Release

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“The inspiration for this series’ theme of love comes from my own experiences of relationships – romantic, familial, and more transient day to day interactions.  Each picture depicts a special moment between the subjects, and it is up to the viewer to use their imagination to unfold the story before them. 

“Come On, Dad!”

The subjects in my work stand sheltered and protected, enveloped by an umbrella of the most striking deep red colour.  The colour red is used as a powerful symbol of romance and passion, but most of all love. The ambiguity of hiding the subjects’ faces beneath the umbrellas, allows the viewer to transpose themselves into the story.

Red is a powerful colour to me – it’s so bold and vibrant but warm too.  I like to use colours that add depth to my work, whilst at the same time capturing the spirit of the interaction between the subjects.  The warmth I create with the colours on the canvas echoes the warmth and depth of each relationship we are observing.

Pathway to Love

Creating a feeling of light is an important part of my work.  I have always had a love for the Pre-Raphaelites, and studying them over the years has inspired me.  In ‘To the Moon and Back’, for example, I want the viewer to feel the heat of the moment between the couple as they embrace.  This is accomplished through my use of deep blues for the night sky against a radiant glow around the moon, which is traditionally cold.

To the Moon and Back




Most of all, I would always hope my work in this series is relatable.  I want the viewer to look at a picture and connect with it.  At best, experiencing a positive emotion or at worst, something poignant.”

All prints are available in two formats:                                           


Medium: Laminated Paper                                                                     Medium:Resin Glazed Canvas on Board
Image: 16″ x 16″                                                                                           Image: 27 ¾” x 27 ¾
Frame: (H x W) 27″ x 26 ¼”                                                                      Frame: (H x W) 36″ x 26″
Edition Size: 295                                                                                          Edition Size: 295

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